Vade Mecum
Screenshots and Other Eye Candy

The following screenshots are of version 0.2 alpha of Vade Mecum.

The library screen
Shows all plucker books in the ebook paths, with their sizes.
Displays the text of the document.
Library settings
Allows customization of library settings.
Font settings
Allows customization of font faces, sizes, and the ClearType(tm) setting.
Display settings
Allows customization of how document text is formatted.
Reader settings
Allows customization of how the reader is rendered.
The reader, text being displayed with ClearType(tm) rendering.
Scrollbars Off
The reader, with scrollbars turned off (see Reader Settings, above).
Justify Always
Justification setting at "Always" (see Display Settings, above).
Customized Display Settings
The display settings, tweaked so the text has a more book-like format (margins=10, indentation=15, interparagraph=-3 [yes, negative!], justification=always).
Large Font
The text displayed with font size 15.
Small Font
The text displayed with font size 8 (the smallest).
Text Selection
Selected text, with the text selection context menu.
Color Picker
The color picker, for selecting a highlight's color.
Color Picker (Expanded)
The color picker expanded, allowing customization of the "quick color" buttons.
Highlighted Text
The previously selected text, highlighted.
Highlight Menu
The highlight context menu, shown when a highlight is tapped.
Annotation Entry
The annotation entry dialog.
Highlight with Annotation
The highlight context menu, when a highlight with an annotation is tapped (note "Edit Annotation" instead of "Add Annotation").
Highlights Galore
Lots and lots of highlights, in various colors!