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Vade Mecum
A Plucker document reader for the Pocket PC


How do I install Vade Mecum?

Just copy the .cab file to your handheld device. You can do this by exploring the device with Activesync. Then you run the .cab file with the File Explorer on the handheld.

Why is there no installer? There was one for version 0.3 alpha.

Since version 0.5 alpha, development has been taken over by me, Henrik Kjoelhede. I have not yet taken the time to create an installer, focusing instead on bringing new features to Vade Mecum. An installer will be available eventually, but for now you will have to install manually.

Why doesn't Vade Mecum work after upgrading?

This happens when changes are made to what settings are saved. If this happens to you, try deleting \My Documents\vade-mecum.dat. That has been reported to work. You will then have to re-enter your settings. I am a little unsure why this happens, but efforts will be made to remedy this in future versions.